Test-Taker Testimonials





“This was my second IELTS general training experience.The atmosphere was very relaxing, even though it is a very stressing exam. Also, the organization of the rooms, made the lines go pretty fast, compared to the previous IELTS I took.

I would like to congratulate all the team!”

– Raisa Catunda – Edmonton


“As someone who was born and raised in the Caribbean region, I was a bit surprised that, as an English speaker, I was expected to take and succeed at an English examination for the purpose of Immigration to Canada. I had a choice from a few options, but I chose the IELTS Examinations since it was rather convenient to register online and the location was ideal. From the contents of the examinations to prior preparations on the day and the extremely professionalism to which the examinations were administered, I was pleasantly amazed and confidently surprised.”

– Nadine Smith – Hamilton

“The venue was closer to my residence, and hence the commute was quick. Upon arrival, the guide at the entrance helped me find the location of the test rooms. Inside the buildings, the signs were posted everywhere and people were present to lead and show which way to head to.

The invigilators were very helpful and clear in carrying out the tests efficiently. They were precise and went out of their way to make things simpler for all the attendees. The lounge and the cafeteria at the university provided excellent options for a good meal at great prices.

I would definitely recommend this test center for its convenience, hospitality and efficiency of those involved.”

– Manpreet Grewal – Langley


“I surely liked the experience very much. It was well organized, the invigilators were helping and friendly and provided the necessary information adequately. The examiner was also appreciable. The overall test environment was great! ”

– Rabia Dhillon – Mississauga


“I certainly liked how the test was conducted. I felt comfortable and relaxed during the test.”

– Charo Romaguera – Mississauga


“Professionalism was at its maximum and everyone was treated equally. At no time [did] I [feel] uncomfortable and stressed. The atmosphere was professional and conducive to testing.”

– Anonymous, Toronto


“The test was conducted in such a professional and efficient manner there was no room for doubt or confusion on the part of us test takers. Any questions were dealt with in a courteous manner. I went in very nervous and left quite pleased.”

– Alana Nerissa Joseph, Toronto


“IDP Education Canada is [the] best!”

– Manpreet Kaur, Brampton


“Everything was perfect at this location: the parking, the registration process, very friendly staff and the test itself (bright spacious room with a good sound system). There was absolutely nothing that I could complain about.”

– Renat Dakezhanov, Brampton


“Thanks and kudos to the Team.”

– Amrit Cheema, Brampton


“Everything was amazing.”

– Monal Bawa, Toronto


“The setting was very ideal in comparison to the last sessions I attended at UC. It is more organized with appropriate tables and chairs. Before we need[ed] to walk far from the registration area to go to another building for the exam rooms and then be [seated] at a chair with a very small writing desk that wasn’t even enough to accommodate the full page of the exam booklet, ball pens and passport, as a result the pens and IDs kept falling on the floor and [it was] very distracting. Thank you very much for the great improvement; for making the venue more exam appropriate now. I really believe this provides a big impact on the concentration of the test takers. Thank you.”

– Louise Curammeng, Calgary


“The environment was so comfortable and staff was also very nice providing the best service. I would suggest all the people who have to give IELTS exam should go with IDP education.”
– Harsimranpreet Singh Bhullar – Brampton

Adriana Aparecida de Lima IDP Testimonial

“The staff is very friendly and committed in following the rules in order to make sure of the test security.”
– Adriana Aparecida de Lima – St. Catharines

Gurwinder Singh IDP Testimonial

“IDP is a very professional organization and their test is like you doing some work no pressure and exam fever at all. And the person is always there to help you and so soft spoken that you admire the service quality of IDP. I been with IDP earlier in India also those guys are really appreciated so must go with IDP I recommend them strongly.”
– Gurwinder Singh – Calgary

“It was a wonderful experience, very friendly environment and with good facilities.” –
– Kuldip – Langley
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