Free IELTS Resources

In addition to the free IELTS Online module offer with your test registration, there are a number of free resources available to you. IDP Canada is pleased to share with you the resources found on our partner websites:


Free Practice Tests

Free tasks available for download for you to simulate the exam situation at home. Download the materials and give yourself the allotted time so you are familiar with the test-taking conditions.

General Training Practice Tests

Academic Practice Tests


Free IELTS In-person Seminars & Online Masterclasses

These seminars are available in-person in major Canadian cities while Masterclasses are held online. Both options provide an overview of the IELTS exam itself, what to expect on test-day, common mistakes to avoid, and other tips to help you make the most out of your English-language abilities.




Full of IELTS tips and tricks, our IELTS experts share their knowledge build over years of teaching English and IELTS preparation. This is a great resource to hear directly from the experts for information on how to best prepare for the test.

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For monthly updates on new resources available for IELTS preparation. Stay up-to-date with new preparation tools, test locations, free seminar schedules and more.

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Scores are accepted by over 10,000 organizations worldwide
IELTS recognises both British and American English in terms of spelling, grammar and choice of words.
The IELTS approach is recognized as being fair, reliable and valid to all candidates.
IELTS has been developed in close consultation with academics, professional bodies and immigration authorities

After graduating from university in Russia I applied to a large company in North America for a position that required English language proficiency. With my IELTS score I was able to prove my true-to-life ability to communicate in English for my first international employment opportunity. I have since worked in Bermuda and now live in Singapore, working for one of the most famous hotel brands in the world. With the invaluable experience that I have gained working overseas, IELTS has made a priceless contribution to progress my career and my life.

~Yulia Chelyakova, Conference Services Floor Manager, Singapore~

IELTS has been growing steadily for 20 years because it works. It’s good to know that IELTS has been the choice of millions of people over the years. IELTS stood out immediately because it tests all four skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening, giving a well-rounded assessment of my English.

~Arnik Surasarang, Bangkok, Thailand~